Children's Fantastic Chalkboard
Wall Hangings

What fun your children can have with these fun chalkboard wall hangings,
they are festive and there are some for every occasion or interest your child might have.
These are priced at $6.00 each with your choice or all five for $25.00 with
shipping and handling of $5.00.

All Aboard the Circus Train

Here is a unique circus train quilt that would fit in any child's room.  It has machine embroidered circus train
along with the animals and a pieced quilt to finish, it is 36 X 46
and would fit any child's bed or crib.
It is priced at $35.00 plus shipping and handling of $15.00.

A Wonderland of Animals

What child would not like to look at all these special machine embroidered animals
while keeping warm with this 20 X 36 quilted lap quilt.
It is priced at $30.00 plus shipping and handling of $15.00

A Forest Full of Friends

Children will love this unique machine embroidered lap quilt
with many magical forest animals for them to admire. 
This lap quilt is 26 X 22 1/2 and is very warm and comfortable for any child.
The cost is $35.00 plus shipping and handling of $15.00.

Owl Patch Lap Quilt

This unique lap quilt or wall hanging shows a wonderful pieced owl
along with birds and butterfly that are also pieced. 
These special birds are machined embroidered and makes for a vivid colorful lap quilt or wall hanging.
It is 31 X 32 and is priced at $40.00 plus shipping and handling of $15.00.

Pastel Crocheted Baby Blanket

The perfect gift for a new born is a soft personally crocheted baby quilt
made out of pastel colors, it measures 36 X 36 and is priced at $10.00
plus shipping and handling of $5.00.

Machine Embroidered Stain Glass
Wall Hanging

A spectacular stained glass effect on this unique wall hanging, the animals are machine embroidered
but give off that stained glass look.
It measures 18 X 26 and is priced at $25.00 plus shipping and handling of $15.00.

Whimsical Child's Wall Hanging

A one of a kind child's wall hanging that includes fun whimsical animals
that can keep your child's attention while hanging on their walls or even as a lap quilt.
It measures 36 X 52 and is priced at just $25.00 plus shipping and handling of $15

A Whimsical

Child's Crib Blanket

What a special blanket or bedspread for a child's crib.
Machine embroidered with various animals that will delight
any child.  Priced at $25.00 plus shipping and handling of $8.00